Since the anti-tobacco laws are increasingly come into effect and becomes more severe, after the ban of smoking in all public places from bars, restaurants to bus stops, it gone so far that in many cities and states it is forbidden to smoke even at home or at the balcony.

This madness and paranoia of anti-tobacco companies has reached the point and from 2016 year will be introduced cigarette packages without brand name designation, with terrible images of smoking consequences. During the past year were conducted surveys and voting about the advisability, the pros and cons of this company, as a result, many smokers have admitted that this terrible pictures and warning inscriptions on cigarette packs will not affect positively their smoking habit and don't force them to quit it.

Many smokers have shown creativity and simply glue up cigarette packages with tape or put cigarettes in cigarette case, some smokers admitted that all these inscriptions and photos led to the fact that the smoker even began to smoke more.

Today cigarette packages with scary pictures circulate only in Australia, but since 2016 year this will be introduced in UK, France and other European countries. All cigarette brands should abandon the brand texts, images and trademarks which symbolize the brand (such as Camel on Camel cigarette brand, eagle on Winston cigarette package), instead, the smoker must see faceless package of cigarettes "with no embossing or irregularities of texture," with photos of smoking consequences and warning messages. But even to this issue famous cigarette brand Marlboro came with imagination.

In mid-2014 was presented a new design project of Marlboro cigarettes package created by a French consultancy. Was changed almost everything, Marlboro cigarettes logo has been modernised, and don't appear on-pack in black, it became almost transparent.

The pack colors remain the same red and white, but the white has been made brighter and a matt finish added, as a result, Marlboro cigarette pack only partially resembles those old, well-known to everyone brand.

The Marlboro cigarettes pack complies with latest health regulations that require 50 per cent of the pack’s surface to be given over to health warnings, the number of cigarettes and tobacco quality remained unchanged, you will be able also enjoy the same deep and flavor taste as always.