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  • China National Tobacco Corp. monster on whom no one pays attention.
15:14, 20 грудня 2014 р.

China National Tobacco Corp. monster on whom no one pays attention.

While across the world is walking anti-tobacco company and big tobacco corporations fight for the markets, in the east has long been appeared and is growing huge tobacco giant, Chinese corporation for the production of cigarettes and tobacco - China National Tobacco Corp.

Only for 2013 the corporation produced more than 2.5 trillion cigarettes, which is that at least two and a half times more than the US number one company - Philip Morris International (PM) which produced only 880 billion cigarettes for 2013 year.

It is strange that to the Chinese corporation and smokers, no one pays attention (China's has more than 300 million smokers), here is based one of the largest cigarette maker in the world. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, China National market shares bigger than its next five competitors combined. Despite the global fight against smoking, Chinese corporation growing sales on the background of the fallen sales of its competitors, 43 out of every 100 cigarettes made worldwide are manufactured by China Tobacco Corp. It is true that Marlboro (made by Philip Morris International) still holds the first place as the best-selling cigarette brand, but statistics show that China National boasts 7 of the top 10 brands. According to today's statistics, Red Pagoda Chinese cigarette brand is established on the second place, BaiSha on third and Double Happiness on the sixth place after Winston and Marlboro (US made by Altria Grup), Marlboro brand saves from fall to the second place only the fact that it is very famous all over the world, while Chinese cigarette brands are known only in China.

Today in China functioning more than 100 factories for the cigarette production, there are working more than half a million people, this number does not include those who are working in tobacco farms and other factories, such as for the production of paper for cigarettes or other elements. In China were launched more than 160 cigarette brands, the tobacco industry accounts for about 7 percent of the state's revenue each year.

This became possible due to the government's largely opaque monopoly and the fact that ten years ago, China started limiting imports or domestic production by foreign companies, and blocked competition from Western tobacco makers, as result in 2012 tobacco and cigarettes in China generated about $ 170 billion in revenue.

If this will continue and the Chinese cigarette brands will be able to get out of the country's borders, they will flood the whole world, and will beat all sales records, even because their cheapness. Undoubtedly this will lead to the huge losses of large US and European tobacco corporations.


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