The "Smoking" world of 19s and 20s centuries, appreciated and loved Pall Mall cigarettes. However, in the early years of the brand's existence (Pall Mall were launched in 1899), it wasn't marked by large-scale market gains. Nevertheless, Pall Mall as cigarettes of the excellent quality had stable sales and in 1907, it attracted the attention of a major company - American Tobacco, which acquired the brand. The growing popularity of Pall Mall cigarettes gave to manufacturers the opportunity, to conduct bold experiments with Pall Mall's cigarette and package form and content. On Pall Mall brand was tested (and found progressive) the new principle of filling cigarettes with tobacco blends.

Classic today the king-size (the 85 mm length cigarette with filter ) was also an experiment in which participated Pall Mall brand, it was one of the first who introduced this cigarette length.

Particularly consistent results gave the first experience of 100 mm Pall Mall cigarettes release, today so called "longs" or "100's": this kind of high-quality tobacco products are always in high demand. At the end of 50s, Pall Mall reached the peak of demand. The mild flavor of smoke and rich tobacco taste provided an unprecedented popularity to this brand. However, the success was not too long. Brand position weakened in 1966: Pall Mall was affected by intense competition in the tobacco market. It took another twenty years, to become clear that unfiltered cigarettes doomed to lag behind in global sales. Therefore, in 1987 Pall Mall brand was updated. Pall Mall cigarettes were equipped with filter, packaged in a noticeably thin pack, laid out in tobacco shops and immediately swept away by smokers.

Today Pall Mall cigarette brand is owned by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and internationally by British American Tobacco, it is one of the flagships of BAT corporation.

In UK, Pall Mall brand is sold in various varieties, differing in taste, length and strength:
PALL MALL Menthol Click-On, of superkings and king size.